Commenter Of The Day: Rick Allen Edition

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Rick Allen is, in so many ways, a hero. He was drumming for Def Leppard when, on the way to a party, his Corvette was run off the road by a bloody Jaguar. He lost his arm in the accident and, depressed, considered his career was over. Initially, his friends and band members worked to create a special drum kit for the newly one-armed Allen. Using his feet, his right arm and the custom kit he was able to rejoin Def Leppard and start playing with them full-time. This isn't to say Def Leppard is the greatest band ever. In fact, the lyrics aren't necessarily the best, but the music will live on — much like the Internal Combustion Engine. At least so long as people are willing to be as passionate about it, in a Def Leppard lyrics sort of way, as Mobius.


I say, and hope, never.

Nothing makes my heart clench and tighten with awe and lust like the sound of horsepower being unleashed from the rapidly rotating pistons in a highly-strung ICE going to the rev limiter, then going up a gear and doing it all over again.

Nothing makes my body loosen and my smile widen like the deep, charming burble that comes out of a big, lazy, powerful, and American V8 cruising along nochalantly that could, and would, suddenly switch to angry mode and unleash its infinite twist and drink down the gas like a black hole, smoke the tires like a wildfire, let loose its roar like the MGM lion, and (Malalise excepted) bend space and time like a good book on a long flight.

Nothing makes my skin tingle and my spine shiver like an ICE. A fire burns in me that longs for the ICE. Its sound, its power, its charm.

Live long and prosper.

Pour some sugar on it... oh wait, don't. Bad idea.


Al Navarro

I just had an epiphany.

From now on, I'm going to promote just about every comment in a COTD thread. Please don't get stupid about it....