Censorship rarely has the desired impact. How many albums did NWA sell every time someone held a press conference to complain about Straight Outta Compton? They banned Steinbeck's books in his hometown of Salinas twice, and now the only thing to do in the town is see the Steinbeck Museum. And, as Jimmy Kimmel had demonstrated, unnecessary censorship makes everything more comical. We also think it makes Sam Smith unbearably awesome chronicling of the $500 Craigslist rally car that much more hilarious, as Engineerman agrees in his [redacted] COTD.

You magnificent mother(redacted), you are truly an inspiration to the whole of the jalopiverse. There is little which can be improved upon the exceptionalness of this mighty epic. Underdog. Check.
Intense hardship. check.
Undaunted spirit. check.
Against all odds, success. check.

This makes the world of living room engine builds and mid winter trans swaps seem pitiful undertakings.

Let it be known, we have new Jalop royalty in our midst.

None of us are worthy.