Commenter of the Day: Preconceived Notion Edition

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When it comes to cars, opinions run rampant. One of the aspects that initially attracted me to Jalopnik was the site's omnivorous take on the automobile. A vehicle need not have to have a V8 driving the rear wheels for it to be lauded and cooed over. As long as the car was great on its own merits, this joint "loved" it. Which I found wonderfully refreshing, as that philosophy lined up perfectly with my own. It also seemed to attract a crowd of like minded automotive iconoclasts (i.e. you jerks). However, even the most right-thinking among us can get it pretty wrong from time to time.


I've been shocked — shocked — by the latest round of "A Honda? Not my fantasy" bullshit that's been floated around here over the last few days. Friends, Romans, Jalopnikstanis — stop this sort of thinking. It just ain't right! Along those exact lines, what is with all the Buick hate? 105 years of history and you let two bad decades spoil your perception of an entire brand? Really? Case in point: During the "discussion" in Trimming the Fantasy Fat 3 and 4 at least a dozen of y'all said you wanted the Buick — any Buick — kicked out. Luckily, Beercheck was there to keep you fools in check:

Amazing that there are so many McLaren haters around here.

That's right y'all — the GNX is a McLaren. Quicker than a Countach, too.

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Jeff Glucker

@TexanIdiot25: I think the turbo is bigger than the fan on the back of that weirdass car that was on jalop a few days ago...

Aren't the blades of the GNX turbo about 6' long?