One of our oldest friends comes from a family enamored with wine. To call them oenophiles would be an understatement. We were once stuck at their house during a massive flood and they brought out bottles of wine and started making pizzas. They're also unpretentious and able to enjoy a good beer just as much as a good wine and never use strange adjectives to describe what they taste. Because they're cool, we thought it would be a good idea to go with them to pick grapes for their own homemade wine. As much fun as drinking and/or making wine can be, the grape picking process still involves hot temperatures, biting insects, and hard labor. Working on cars involves similar problems, but they never seem to bother us. We're not sure if the combination of the two makes things worse or better, we just know Ash can use it to divine a lot about a driver.

You can tell a lot about a person's car habits based on how they try to open the bottle.

Scour the internet for a special one-time-use tool that will open it, paying $130+ shipping to get it from Germany? Porsche

Pay your gardener to do it? BMW

Push down on the cap while trying to twist it off? VW/Audi

Pull up on the cap while twisting? Saab.

Take it to the dealer and tell them the "dealio won't come off the thingy"? Lexus (but they'll give you a nice Merloaner car)

BTW, this isn't an invitation for people who really do or really don't like wine to vent their anger.

Photo Credit: FRANCISCO LEONG/AFP/Getty Images