Commenter Of The Day: Peter Bogdanovich Edition

It's hard to talk about director/writer/historian Peter Bogdanovich without feeling like a pompous poser. This task is made more difficult because he was recently in an episode of How I Met Your Mother playing himself in an episode about pomposity (and to be clear, if not slightly pompous myself, I knew he was associated with self-satisfied intellectual-ism long before the show). But hey, I like Peter Bogdanovich. I like his role as the go-to-guy for Orson Welles history and, you know, I can't help but love the random insightful view into the world of Goddard and Truffaut. He also has a great eye for performers, having dated a young Cybill Shepherd and also being the first film director to cast the wonderful Madeline Kahn before she went off to steal a few Mel Brooks movies. She's one of a kind, unlike the Porsche 911 lineup, of which there are many of a kind. Thankfully, we've got Racin_G37 and Madeline to help us pick out the right ones.

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Ash78, voting early and often

They all look the same to me, but I'm of a different background from Porsche owners. I heard they can tell the models apart pretty easily. I struggle to just to say "the Crimson Tetuton-American" instead of "the red one" most of the time. Or just "reddie," but that's considered archaic now.

Nice COTD, RacinG37!