Commenter Of The Day: Perfect Strangers Edition

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Few shows in the annals of television history are as widely known and completely strange as Perfect Strangers. Employing the typical "fish out of water" scenario that has been abused by sitcoms for the entire breadth of the medium, there's a certain quality of Perfect Strangers that sets it apart from more beloved and successful shows like The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. One need to look only to the show's genesis, which saw series creator Dale McRaven (who also created Mork & Mindy) trying to capitalize on the patriotism America felt after the 1984 Olympics in LA. No joke. The story of an immigrant trying to enjoy the promise of America, Perfect Strangers is our story.


And so it is with Jalopnik. We're all different people from different walks of life who all believe in the same basic tenants of the automobile including a respect for effort on any scale. And speaking of scale, Ben mentioned this freaking Lego V8 Engine today and, lo and behold, the creator is one of us. And while there was a long discussion with mad tinkerer Nicjasno this one comment tickled us pink:

It's shot in my basement, where the air compressor is.

The fact that this comment makes perfect sense to all of us is probably some sign that we need help. But it's help we don't want.


Rob Emslie

Speaking of air compressors (and yes I have one, but it resides in the garage as my basement is of the California variety) and hoses, when my wife was in Med School, she brought home some horror stories about what some people had done to themselves, involving gas station air hoses, too much cheap wine, and their asses. Yikes!