Sure, we thought about foraging the assorted trashy declarations that followed our Dancing Traffic Girl Hoon of the Day post. We think she'd do pretty well on a USO tour of war-torn regions, and there's a taste of the dragon in there someplace. But not today. After all, we're working a car show. Let's maintain focus. Commenter of the day, then, please?

It's the reveal that ate Chicago. We're as guilty as anyone else, covering the Dodge Challenger SRT8 here, here, here, here, here and here. Commenter Udman took note:

Ok, enough with the Challenger already..... It's here, it's Orange, It has a Charger Interior, You can get a HEMI. Is there any other cars at this show?


Personally, I don't know. I'm handling editorial duties for the J-Lop from L.A. and am not privy to either the show floor or the deep-dish after-hours pizza orgies. However, as Hardigree pointed out in preview, what we got here in Chi-Town is a truck show, mainly.

So no. No, Udman, there are no other cars at the show. There's a Corvette, but we think it's actually a time machine or something that's intended to shred the fabric of the cosmos.