The inclusion or omission of a single word can drastically change the meaning of a statement. When the world listened to Neil Armstrong land on the moon he declared it was "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." And while this is more profound than "holy shit, I'm on the moon!" it's still a mistake. He was supposed to say "One small step for a man," which has great significance. However, "man" and "mankind" are roughly synonymous meaning he said it's a great big step for all us humans even though it's actually a small step for all of us humans. In our report on the non-existant future GNX, we commented on Fritz's vague lack of a word at the same time we accidentally omitted a word from our own post. Oops. Props to Tim-Tim for his clever call-out.

Fritz: I accidentally the new GNX, is this bad?
Jalop: Accidentally what?
Fritz: The new GNX.
Jalop: What happened to the new GNX? I don't understand the question.
Fritz: I was just messing around and I accidentally the entire GNX

Yeah, Krewson left and Ray and the rest of us are working double-shifts, so we're occasionally missing something and messing things up. Please bear with us and try to be as funny as Tim when pointing it out.