Commenter Of The Day: No I Tide Edition

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Palindromes, any sequence of characters or words that can be read the same way in any direction, go back to the Roman period and probably even further. In written language it's more of a game, though there are at least a couple of novels written purely in palindrome. Popular palindromes include "race car" and "Ah, Satan sees Natasha." The violinist and musical composer/performer Andrew Bird has show a fascination with palindromes. Many of his song names are palindromes ("11:11" and "T.N.T") and one song, called "Fake Palindromes" includes phrases which sound like palindromes but are actually not. The song is on The Mysterious Production of Eggs, a great record put out by Righteous Babe records, which is Ani DiFranco's record label. By listening to this, according to ImmortalSix, you may or may be forced to buy one of the most ticketed vehicles. A man, a plan, a canal... Panama!


With the Outback, I think the Outback driver is too concerned with getting in the parking space as quickly as possible so they can turn their Earth-murderer (read: engine) off. I suppose that leads to a lot of poorly parked Outbacks. Could also be hard to park when you're high and have to worry about that damn canoe on top.

The Matrix is, in my experience, an "assertive female" car. These mystical creatures (the females, not the Matrixes) hate nothing more than to be characterized or generalized, so each of these drivers believe that their Matrix is the universe's sole "ironic" strong female Matrix.

Stay with me.

Strong females, while more capable than regular females in some ways, (drink beer at the bar, can take their own trash out) do not have superfemale driving skills.

If you were to tell one of them this, you would likely get a lecture about equality, or your phone number deleted, but it's true.

Anyways, the ability to parallel park is inversely proportional to the number of Ani DiFranco records you have —- everyone knows that. This makes strong women, men who wear tight jeans, and university professors under 45 terrible at parallel parking. All of these people drive Matrixes.

I'm glad we had this conversation



So where does the Vibe fit into all of this?