There are many things to love about Chicago, a city second-to-none in the hearts of many...mostly all who live in Chicago. With the recent rise of a Chicagoan to the presidency we assume things will only get better. The beer will be colder and the women will be warmer. Who knows, maybe even the Cubs will learn not to choke in the post-season. Actually, they almost certainly will. But it doesn't matter, Wrigley will still be a great place to see a ball game. The only thing we don't expect to happen is the Chicago postal service getting any better. As wonderful as Chicago is, they're still stuck with a postal service unable or unwilling to complete the only task we really expect it to carry out: delivering the mail. Nothing can correct the stunning lack of incompetence and overabundance of nepotism that makes delivering a package to Chicago something that requires diligent prayer. We're waiting for Friedman, who thinks we should give the bailout money to Tesla, and his mighty brain to come up with an answer to this problem. In the meantime, BLS thinks giving the money over to the embattled electric carmaker isn't the best solution, but makes a case for them taking advantage of the poor Chicago mail peformance.

Nice price or Crack pipe the $30 Billion Tesla Roadster. On the one hand you have a $45 K Lotus Elise with some batteries and a broken transmission. On the other hand it was supposed to be delivered last week and the last update they gave you is, "It's in the mail dude. I can't believe those bastards at the post office lost another one of our cars. That makes 400 this month alone. Well it's going to be another 3 years until we can send you a new one. Bummer dude." Upon further questioning about your deposit they said, "Your going to have to talk to our Nigerian office." and then pretended that the conection was "breaking up" and hung up.


Seriously, that awful Chicago mail. [Photo: Swanksalot]

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