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Remember the great Bernardo Bertolucci's 1993 flick Little Buddha? It was way strange, like stranger even that the third reel of The Sheltering Sky and of course featured Keanu Reeves as Siddhartha well before he ascended to crypto-Jesus übermensch status in The Matrix. All of which is merely background for our mention of the Hindu/Buddhist concept of karma, which cropped up among the Jalopnik commenter today, and in fact distinguished COTD. Read on, to see how the wheel turns.


What the heck does karma really mean, anyway? Well, it's tricky—it has to do with actions in life shaping one's destiny, although because Eastern theology doesn't necessarily conceptualize existence as linear... OK, I'll shut up. But serious, karma is a difficult thing to grasp. It's as a Supreme Court justice once characterized porn: You know it when you see.

Astute commenter Doctor Nine certainly did know karma in action, provoked by our post on the wintertime mishaps of a Range Rover:

This is simply Karma coming back to bite the fool using a Range Rover to commute in Suburbia. Somewhere in Kenya, the ghost of a rusted out Defender is smiling.


And hey! Bonus COTD points for calling out a recent inductee to the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage.

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