Though now owned by an American company, the original Matchbox Cars were built by an English company called Lesney Products, named for founders Leslie and Rodney Smith. We guess it's probably a good thing they weren't named Leslie and Borat. The concept for the toy came from one of the company's partners and engineers, who designed a toy car for his daughter. She was not allowed to bring a toy to school larger than what could fit in a matchbox, so he made a smaller version of one of the company's toy cars. This was how the company's major product and, it's name, was created. We're not sure how the Geely iG was created, but Bullitt417 believes it's probably similar to how Matchbox cars are made.

The Chinese car industry reminds me of when I was 8 and we went to Toys R Us. There were so many matchbox cars I wanted. Then there were the tonka trucks and the 1:18 scale cars. There were RC cars and city locations like the car wash and car crusher and car garage. I wanted it all. With the Chinese car industry there's just so many features and ideas that established car companies have created over the years and now the entire industry is like "Ooo Gullwing Doors. Ill have one of them. Solar power... definitely. Folding hardtop... sure I'll have one of those too. Hybrid system... you bet... Throne to sit in with fiber-optic ceiling...oh hell yes. It is truly entertaining to watch and see what is used next. Good Show China. Enjoy the toy store while it lasts.

We can't wait to see the Chinese version of the Citro√ęn DS.