Commenter Of The Day: Lee Corso Edition

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Those who enjoy college football, a.k.a. those people who didn't go to some small music college in rural Iowa, have a special relationship with ESPN's college football analyst Lee Corso. Why? He wears comically ugly ties. He likes to wear mascot helmets. There's a rumor that he's a penis. But more than anything, he has a bad habit of claiming, in various arenas, that both teams will win. This way, he's never wrong but never quite right. In that spirit, the Chevy Volt reveal has the Commentariat split. Muhnkee_2 believes the price is right for a halo car. Holvey disagrees. The right one, in retrospect, is today's COTD. From Muhnkee2:

i think we need to remember that GM doesnt want to save the world, it wants to make profits, whats the sense in selling what is effectively a "halo" car at a knock down price. most of the customers for this are not buying it because of its looks or styling, they are buying it cost they are either cashed up early adopters who want another gadget, or people with an intense hatred of big oil, neither of these groups are going to be really price sensitive shoppers, so GM have done the sensible thing and hiked the price up so they can recoup their substantial design and development costs and make some money! this isnt going to compete with civics and the like, its going to compete with audi, bmw, and mercedes, so its priced accordingl

From Holvey:

If the price of this comes in anywhere north of $25k, it will be a dud. This is a great view into why the American automakers are in trouble. The concept was great, the market wanted it because it wasn't a prius or civic. So what did GM make? A Civrius, and now it is going to be sold based on competetive pricing. This reminds me a lot of the Aztek. GM is trying to solve too many problems with one vehicle without offending anyone. The Volt concept had the overall shape of a hot hatch, and now it looks like a first gen prius. We already have enough cars that emphasize the "I am doing something good for the environment" stance. We need cars that say "that looks fun to drive" with the added benefit of being good to the environment.


Who is right and who is a Lee Corso? [Photo: RammerJammerYellowHammer]

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