When I was in college I had a newish Vaio desktop (with a 1-gig AMD! OMG!) and a Sony monitor and was fairly happy with myself. It was kind of purplish, but awesome. When my The University of Texas at Austin dormmate Eddie installed Counter Strike on it I suddenly had less time to study or try to get dates. Between the two of us, I had the vastly superior computer setup and therefore I'd sometimes find him playing at my desk. No biggie. If he'd share his ill-gotten beer I could certainly share my computer. He even asked if he could borrow it for a LAN party on Friday night. I said sure, not knowing exactly what he was talking about. I nearly ruined my date when I came home, not alone, on Saturday night with a ladyfriend only to discover the computer was gone. Had I been robbed? No. The computer was just in the lobby, as confirmed by a phone call, leaving me with a dorm room all to myself for a different kind of party — one that involved girls. So when we said the Austin F1 track looked like a bong and Chairman Kaga disagreed we can, at least, confirm his tale of Austin's long relationships with gaming.

Unfortunately, I didn't get that second joke.