Commenter Of The Day: Koyaanisqatsi Edition

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Though many directors and cinematographers attempt to merge poetry into their prose, the reality is most films won't be mistaken for "The Waste Land" or any other epic poem. One film quite similar to T.S. Elliot's opus and, perhaps, the most poetic of all films is Koyaanisqatsi. Director Godfrey Reggio takes beautiful sequences of our modern life and places them in juxtaposition to nature in order to provide synthesis within the viewer's mind. Making it even more killer is the Phillip Glass score, which is perhaps as memorable as the visuals of the film themselves. Together, they form one of the most elastic and meaningful uses of film since 7 Wives For 7 Brothers. If you watch the "Mr. Plow" episode of The Simpsons you'll notice the second Mr. Plow commercial is actually a play on the film. Speaking of snow plows, we asked you what is best to slam into walls and MHLAXP made a good case for one.

Well, you want something older, that won't go throwing airbags around at you. That shit'll knock you out and makes escaping pretty hard.

I'm thinking something heavy with a lot of torque, but also FWD or AWD and the engine in front. That way if you mangle the back end backing through the wall you still have a mostly functional vehicle.

A city snowplow seems like a good choice. Big, heavy, lots of room to absorb the impact but low on safety features to get in the way, and no one will take notice if it's in bad condition or has building supplies strewn over the back. Plus you can ditch it once you're safely away it'll become just another parked city vehicle.

I am a bit worried about the fact that it could be mostly disabled from losing the rear axle but if the wall is that big then a normal car won't handle it well at all and I'd have to pick something else for this "super-wall" anyway.



I preferred Baraka over this movie. Then again, I was in a pretty "altered state" while watching Baraka.