Commenter Of The Day: Keeping Up With Ryan Adams Edition

It's that time of year when old people make their annual tithe toward staying "with it" by reviewing the new music they missed from the past 12 months, only to realize the soul-draining alienation from modern times they felt watching Ke$ha beat a bunny piñata in Times Square on New Year's Eve may be a permanent condition. This state of mind only grows upon hearing that Ryan Adams actually produced a sci-fi metal album called "Orion" on vinyl with this song, "Electrosnake," as the single.

Or so I've been told.

The ReverendDexter had his own moment of clarity about the aging process when thinking of the man who took his electric scooter for a slow ride on the freeway:

I always had a thought about when I got old, to take one of these things and put in custom-wound, high-output electric motor. Either that, or a small 2-stroke.

The thought of being old, crotchety, and doing about 65mph up the sidewalk while doing totally sexist things and getting away with all of it just becuase of my age makes me giggle a little bit inside.

Two bad the Xzibit meme is pretty much dead... I could have a stroke while I had a stroke while on my 2-stroke.

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Congratulations, Mr. ReverendDexter, on today's COTD! I would like to gift you with a Dodge pickup to haul your electric scooter. This lovely lady will bring it to you and help you load the scooter.