Commenter Of The Day: Josip Broz Tito's Children Edition

It's been said Yugoslavian President-for-Life Josip Broz Tito fathered at least 15 children by numerous women, though it's quite possible there were many more. Could you blame him? He held together Croats, Serbs, Slovenians, Montenegrins, Macedonians and Bosnians almost entirely with the force of his own will, which can be pretty stressful. Not surprisingly, a few of his descendants have gone on to big things. His granddaughter Svetlana Broz is a writer and a cardiologist. Another granddaughter, Aleksandra Broz, is a famous actor working and living in Croatia. In the former Yugoslav republics, it's pretty good to be a Broz unless you work at the Yugo plant, where the last Yugo just rolled off the line. Given how many Tito relatives out there in the world, we've highlighted Graverobber's Yugo jokes to lighten the mood a bit.

I once bought a Yugo with a tow package. ...It was in the front. Q. Why does a Yugo have rear a window defroster? A. To keep your hands warm as you push it. Irony- Nova: but it does Yugo: but it doesn't.


This was in response to two jokes from nocheese:

Q. How do double the value of a Yugo? A. Fill it up with gas. Q. How do you half the value of a Yugo? A. Take all of the change stuck in the seats.

"i was having dinner with my in-laws and made a freudian slip the other day. i meant to ask my mother in-law to pass the butter, but accidentally said 'you stupid cow you've ruined my life.'" [AFP PHOTO / ANDREJ ISAKOVIC]

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