Commenter Of The Day: Infinity Guitars Edition

Because I'm a quasi-hipster I sometimes have to explain to normal people why certain hipster trends are popular. But I'm not actually a hipster, I just look good in thick black-rimmed glasses and like to flaunt my education. I can't explain why hipsters like to wear jumpers or why hipster boys enjoy rocking ironic, rare jerseys other than, you know, who wouldn't want a Theo Ratliff Celtics jersey? The music I tend to get, though. Even if it's just at a visceral level. So when someone inquired as to why I enjoy Sleigh Bells, rather than stealing the line about it it being Jock Jams for nerds I just told them "because it's cool." Anything more and it becomes a "dancing about architecture" situation. If you don't believe me check out their video for "Infinity Guitars" and its classic Ferrari 328ness. This answer also works for trying to support your love of the Dymaxion according to GabeEdwards.


My father is a British Architect. He loves Buckminster Fuller (as well as Christopher Wren, Norman Foster and Isambard Kingdom Brunel).
He has asked me how hard it would be to build a copy of the Dymaxion car. My answer was always two part.

1. Not that hard.
2. But why would you want to?

It's massive.
It's ungainly.
It's difficult to park.
It's underpowered.
It's dangerous at speed.

His answer?
"Because it's cool."


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Congratulations, Mr. Edwards! I am pleased to award you with a red Corvette. This lovely brunette will deliver it to you in a couple of weeks.

Good job! Yay! ;)