Commenter Of The Day: I'm A Huge Wimp Edition

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Or maybe I should just call myself a Jaguar XFR. There have been numerous times when Wes Siler, brave as he is, talked me through some new situations. From having never seriously driven a lot of fast cars beyond minimal autocrossing to being put behind the wheel of exotic concept cars and on the track, he's always been there to remind me that it can't be that hard if the overweight auto writers from the Abilene Express-News can do it. Surprisingly, after doing some serious shit to a few cars, the biggest debate we had was over the luggage situation in a Porsche 911. Before I get to the PaulJones tribute to Wes departing I thought I'd include a little bit of that here:

3:01:21 PM Wes Siler: well what if i told you you had a porsche for your LA trip, would that make it better?
3:01:29 PM Matthew Hardigree: what porsche?
3:01:35 PM Wes Siler: either a cayman or a 911
3:02:38 PM Matthew Hardigree: better, especially if it's a 911
3:02:43 PM Matthew Hardigree: that def moves it to a 6/7
3:02:44 PM Wes Siler: ha
3:02:45 PM Matthew Hardigree: either way, awesome
3:02:49 PM Matthew Hardigree: thanks
3:02:56 PM Wes Siler: well it just depends on their schedule
3:03:03 PM Wes Siler: i actually prefer the cayman
3:03:56 PM Matthew Hardigree: either way, they're both something I've never driven but wanted to drive, would be fun for the readers and neither has much luggage space

[Later on after complaining about lack of luggage space]

5:51:01 PM Wes Siler: you realize you're talking to someone that packs for weeks away on a motorcycle
5:51:18 PM Wes Siler: i just cant imagine how big of a suitcase your gf is trying to pack
5:51:41 PM Wes Siler: put her dress for the wedding in your suit bag
5:51:49 PM Wes Siler: and then all she needs is a duffle
5:51:59 PM Matthew Hardigree: i know, also your jeans use less material than mine
5:52:11 PM Wes Siler: ha
5:52:21 PM Wes Siler: even when i fly with all my motorcycle gear
5:52:34 PM Wes Siler: leathers, body armor, boots, helmet, etc etc etc
5:52:36 PM Wes Siler: tools
5:52:43 PM Wes Siler: all i need is a large sports duffel
5:53:03 PM Wes Siler: you are not participating in any gear heavy special activities, you will be fine
5:54:38 PM Matthew Hardigree: I'M GOING TO A WEDDING! That's a high gear activity
5:54:51 PM Wes Siler: no it's not!
5:55:01 PM Wes Siler: all you need are shoes, socks, a suit and a shirt and tie
5:55:07 PM Wes Siler: all she needs is a dress and some heels!
5:55:25 PM Wes Siler: have you seen a porsche lately? they're huge
5:55:40 PM Wes Siler: you're looking at the pictures and thinking sports car dimensions
5:55:47 PM Wes Siler: but that was sports cars 3 decades ago
5:55:48 PM Wes Siler: not now

[A few days later]

10:21:21 AM Matthew Hardigree: hey, I actually saw a Porsche 911 at the park where I play soccer, a vert, and asked the guy to pop the hood for me
10:21:29 AM Matthew Hardigree: he was really helpful on explaining what will and will not fit
10:21:46 AM Matthew Hardigree: so I feel every so slightly better
10:22:22 AM Wes Siler: OMFG Matt Hardigree!


And here is COTD, we'll miss you Wes!

So I guess this promotes Hardigree to the honor of having the nicest ass on Jalopnik. (There goes my chance of ever getting another COTD)

Well, Wes, I can't say as I'm entirely surprised. I've started hanging out on HellForLeather a little, too. You guys post some great articles, and for the most part, I enjoy the content. The commenting, on the other hand, ranges from occasionally decent to downright crappy. It always seems that no matter how hard you and Grant try to step up the level of classiness and prove that motorcycling and motorcyclers can be as classy as any, you still wind up with some crude commentary.

Of course, on occasion, you bring that on yourself. That 196mph post where everyone swore it was in kph because the sky wasn't plaid and the cars weren't upside down was one such instance. You posted a video of something that took irresponsible to an entirely new plateau, and you got some backlash for it. The intent of what you were trying to show was appreciated, but the method was not.

And then there is all the Harley hate. I can understand that you don't like Harleys, and that you think HD management are bunch of abject morons. There are certainly many a valid point to support those assertions. But as long as you continue to encourage the Harley hate, you're holding the site back from what it could be: a place bikers can come together and enjoy all aspects of motorcycle culture.

But, truth be told, that's really a fairly minor chink in your armor. HellForLeather is a great site with quality writing, interesting posts, and great photography. In that sense, it really is a template of what a successful blog should be. Hopefully, now that it will be getting more attention, it will grow into its potential.

I've enjoyed your posts and your interactions here on Jalopnik, but there comes a time where a man's got to do what man's got to do. Go kick ass and make HellForLeather everything it can be.

Also, the whole Pew! Pew! Pew! shirt thing? Really?

Whatever it is funny.

See you on HellForLeather.



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My, my, my. Congratulations, Mr. pauljones for a great COTD!

Yes, Wes does have a cute ass, and I'm going to miss it. I've never seen Matt's ass, so I'll take your word for it.

I have for you something that is more for me, but I want to share this yellow Ford GT with you. The lady will not be delivering it. I'm bringing it myself, and it's your turn to cook.