Commenter Of The Day: Illustrated History Of Hot Dogs Edition

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Perhaps because of its popularity, and not in spite of it, is the hot dog's provenance lost in the blur of history. Frankfurt and Vienna both claim their environs as the birthright of the handy sausage, already a popular food in the United States by the late 1800s thanks to German immigrants. "Dachshund" sausages on buns became sporting staples by the 1890s, but it's unclear whether the wiener's nickname originated from a New York newspaper cartoonist or Ivy League collegiate wordplay on the possible origin of the meat. I'm not really sure why we're talking about all of this. Here's the comment of the day by Sexyhammer, on poor choices made by people pulling things:

According to my 2 weeks of employment with U-Haul years back, you can tow with any car but I am limited by liability to tell you we do not recommend it unless you spend $80 + installation fee on the proper hitch and $40 for a transmission oil cooler.

I have seen a second-gen RX7 hauling a sailboat.

I have seen a Miata towing a bass boat.

I have seen a Corvette attached to a trailer towing another Corvette.

All probably seemed like good ideas to the drivers at the time.

(Photo: Library Of Congress)

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PotbellyJoe and 42 others

If it can go, it can tow.

Congrats on COTD!

Everyone in their life should work in some capacity of automotive help, be it sales, service or accessories.

The stories write themselves.