Commenter Of The Day: If Looks Could Kill Edition

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On the list of awful movies with awesome cars Richard Grieco's spy unclassic If Looks Could Kill deserves a modestly low position. The red Lotus Esprit Grieco tools around in is awesome, and an appearance by Gabrielle Anwar hurts things not one bit. Unfortunately, Grieco as an 18-year-old is hard to believe, the plot is weak and the action is comical without trying to be. The movie doesn't know if it's a farce or not and never recovers from the confusion. Though we saw a lot of anger directed at the Nissan Juke for its appearance, there was more sent in the direction of the DeltaWing Racer for its unconventional style. Thankfully, LandofID's wife recognizes good things often come in strange packages.

"While I do admit that I have great fun with yours, fun that I appreciate very much, penises and testicles are still very funny looking things." -my wife.


Not even sure we have a quip to follow that one.

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Congratulations, Mr. LandoflD! In recognition of Valentine's Day, I would like to award you with a 2010 Mustang Shelby GT500, to be delivered to you by a lovely lady who has some not so funny looking things.