I already told y'all that I'm mentally about two steps from a typewriter. In spirit anyway. But the harsh reality is that I spend way too much time on the internet. I don't even know how to go to stores anymore and Amazon.com has given me some sort of frequent buyer status. Plane tickets, movie tickets, paying for parking tickets — all done online. I would guess that I spend... Jesus, I don't want to admit this... 5 hours a day emailing and IM'ing with friends and colleagues. At least. And you know what I do for a living. But that doesn't mean I have to like it, any of it. Especially cat pictures.

Today's winning Commenter comes from Murilee's humbling 150 Old Cars Down On Alameda's Street post. On a personal note, it's content like this makes me proud to be a Jalop. Just think about all the hours of sweat and toil Ms. Martin has put into this series. Not to mention the time spent just setting up that post. However, wannabewannabe felt compelled to make this comment:

I love the series, and have contributed. But explain the math to me Murilee: how is Alameda's population density higher than San Francisco's? It's my understanding that San Francisco has about 750,000 people and covers 49 square miles, compared with Alameda's 70,000 and 10 square miles. I apologize for taking typical blog commenter style by completely ignoring the point of the post and commenting on some throwaway fact. I am going to go self-flagellate now.


Throw in a beat or two from me.