Commenter Of The Day: Hitchhiker's Guide Edition

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2009 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of one of the greatest novels in the history of ever, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, written by the late, great Douglas Adams. The book, adapted from Adams' BBC radio series of the same name, involves the interstellar trials and tribulations of Arthur Dent after the Earth's destruction by the Vogons. The book was the first of a series of five novels, which more or less combine to create a singular narrative. In the Hitchhiker's series, Adams created a unique universe full of multi-headed aliens, monolithic intergalactic corporations, and a host of other bizarre and hilarious inventions. One such creature was the Babel fish, a small yellow fish that when inserted into the ear canal automatically translated any foreign language you heard. This was Adams' rather masterful way of addressing the curious fact that characters in science fiction films and novels always seem to be able to communicate just fine despite hailing from opposite ends of the universe. This minor plot device has achieved an inordinate amount of attention throughout the years, including lending its name to AltaVista's (now Yahoo!'s) online translation service, BabelFish. BabelFish has been providing internet users with awkward translations of internet pages for years, but as yet there's no Idiot-to-English feature. That's OK, because Ash78 stepped in today to help us understand what the seller of that Star Wars Cobalt was saying.

congering (isn't she the one who married the millionaire?)
gallixies (it's in the f*cking movie intro!)
door jam (what flavor?)
carbinite (bin, indeed)
congering (from the Mexican slang coger, "to f*ck"?)
fabulas (I think it's spelled "nebulous")
buffung (German)
preping (early Chinese history buff, I see)
Laybor Day (My laydar is going off)
prepaired (matched up with something in advance?)
disasembled (removed any semblance to original car)
possable (Or "Opossable" to be pedantic)
interier (enter rear?)

I can't even finish.

It's OK, Ash. We understand.