Commenter Of The Day: Grumpy Old Men Edition

I'd like to mention, even if Arizona State University has the Cronkite School of Journalism, the actual Walter Cronkite went to college at the University of Texas. And though he dropped out his Junior year to become one of the great American television journalists of all time (if not the greatest) he did the best college commercials you'll ever see for UT. They're called "We're Texas" and they have the great voice, humor, and spirit Cronkite had. So when you watch Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes as Potbelly Joe does, just remember he went to some school in New York.

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I'm told 'Top Gear' is a massive hit in England where it is broadcast on BBC2. Why they needed a second BBC is beyond me, maybe the first BBC was too crowded, but they did. Not satisfied with the ordinary car review programs, these gentlemen, if we can call them that, take unaffordable cars and drive them in ways that would make you lose your license.

They go on and on about how terrible the seats feel in the $1 million supercar, or how a chime from the Cadillac ruins the driving experience. To me it's just ridiculous.

Of course they don't stop there.

They have a fellow called the Stig. Apparently, the name Ben was too common. He wears all white and never talks, but we are supposed to like him because he can drive cars fast.

In my days a man earned respect by working hard and putting in long hours hard at work on new challenges. This man is supposed to earn my respect by taking on the same challenge day in and day out, but doing it in less time. I don't buy it.

The only portion of the show that is even remotely realistic is when celebrities i have never heard of, and don't really care about, are tasked with having to drive a resonanably priced car around the Stig's track, but even this is ruined by the incessant bleeping of curse words. Do these stars not realize they're on camera.

So in whole, I wish we would all go back to the good old days of car shows, when advertisers told the journalist what to say, and people heard what they wanted.

Some things don't need to be improved, people like tradition.



Congratulations, Mr. Potbelly Joe, on today's COTD! My award to you is this beautiful Camaro, to be delivered to you by a traditional lovely lady. Good job, Sir! :)