Commenter Of The Day: Giants Won Edition

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There's a great Woody Allen stand up routine where he take a hot date back to his apartment and in order to "prolong the moment of ecstasy" he says he thinks of baseball players. It starts getting really heavy so he starts recounting a game situation. it's the ninth inning and the Giants are down by one with one out. Mays gets to second on a wild pitch and gets to third on a long pop-out. Haller gets to first on a single and it's a first-and-third situation and Allen isn't sure whether he should steal or try a squeeze. At this point the girl has been in the shower for ten minutes but... the Giants won. Now that this strategy is all played-out maybe Alfisted will need his launch control reprogrammed.

I suppose with a nice looking babe like that, some might rely upon some form of launch control. Personally, I go old school and recite baseball statistics in my head.


On a side note, this was one of those days you all were a bit too funny for us. Occasionally, we struggle to find one truly funny comment but today there were were a lot of hilarious ways we could have gone. Just read the Edge made of people post and you'll see what we mean.


Photo Credit: SI Vault.