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Because of their clever writing, prescience, and relative ease-of-entry, George Orwell's strongly allegorical and dystopian novels 1984 and Animal Farm are the most read Orwell works. Recently, we got into a debate with a friend over whether or not the future ends up being more like the former novel than the later. With the outbreak of swine flu he's leaning on the literal and claiming a victory. It's unfortunate these are the most popular books from Orwell because we've always had a soft spot for the less Allegorical novels. Specifically, we find Coming Up For Air and Burmese Days, about the rushing change of modern existence and the waning days of empire, respectively, to be much better reading and more appropriate for this era. But we lose out to Ron Paul-driven fantasies of a super-state instead. We're not sure where Justice Souter weighs in on this, but it's no longer important. Orwell once said never to use a simile, analogy or metaphor you've read in print before, so we give great props to M3Fraz for comparing Souter to a B5 Passat. A rising star? We think so.


Souter portrays himself as a champion of the people as opposed to a champion of the US constitution so it's not surprising he would choose "The People's Car." It's quite fitting as Souter loves everything about Europe especially their constitutions and judicial decisions. A BMW or Merc would be too lavish for a guy like Souter, though I'm surprised he doesn't drive in an armored protection package car from Munich or Stuttgart. He's bound to have some enemies out there.

Metaphorically speaking, Souter turned on Bush much in the same way the B5 and newer models have turned on thousands of drivers. Great engine with lots of potential and promise (mine is a 1.8t with lots of APR goodies) but slowly one comes to realize the horrible plastics, weak clutch, bad CV joints, multi-link suspension with lots of non-replaceable ball joints (and a 30-60K failure/replacement schedule), "soft touch" interior, electrical malfunctions, and the $200+ window regulator that I had to buy just to replace a $.50 retaining clip all conspire to make this one huge abortion of a car. Easily the worst car I have ever owned, but still, I'll probably drive it until it dies... or grow so tired of the experience that I retire it from public life pre-maturely.


This last bit is brilliant.

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