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They say 80% of statistics are made up 20% of the time. Or maybe they don't. It's a statistic and statistics are made to prove points, not necessarily prove the truth. This was learned a long time ago in a Spatial Analysis class when we were tasked to find out why there was such a high number of crimes where there was such a high number of churches. Does going to church mean you're going to commit a crime? Are churches locating themselves in crime zones? It turns out, after a lot of interesting theories (vigilante nuns!), the two stats are merely cofactors. Crimes occur where there are a lot of people. Churches occur where there are a lot of people. The two are only connected by the large population. Today, we saw a lot of crimes against carmanity and Alphamazing ran the numbers. A lot of Italians in the group. What's the cofactor?


According to my statistics...

Ferraris make up 45.4546% of the cars crashed, and therefore are the most dangerous brand of vehicle to buy. If you want to be safe, buy McLaren or Audi, which only have 4.5455% a piece of the supercar-death pie.

However, the most dangerous MODEL is the Lamborghini, which makes up a significant 13.6364% portion of this list.

The most dangerous country to buy a car from is obviously Italy, with a whopping 72.7273% of these dead super cars. The safest country is, obviously, the UK with their silly Health and Safety laws, netting a clean 4.5455%. But don't feer, Americans! You are in second place with a mere 9.0909%!

The average price for the vehicles involved is $415,930, with a standard deviation of $466,606. The median price is $233,500. The highest price was the McLaren F1 with an estimated value of $2,000,000.

A total of 22 cars were documented in these incidents.

But don't worry about spontaneously combusting! Engine fires make up a mere 22.7273% of all these incidents, with crashing being the most common reason for supercar death, with a whopping 68.1818%. So drive responsibly!

Congratulations Alphamazing. You are now the...

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