Commenter Of The Day: Fozzie Bear Edition

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When it comes to the Muppet Babies, or Muppets in general, there's always a debate about which Muppet is the cutest. Of course, as the Italians are fond of saying, there's no accounting for taste. We have one friend, in particular, who believed Fozzie Bear was a real person and had a huge crush on him. We get it. We totally get it. He's funny, he's got a job, and he dressed like a tramp (or like a hobo, depending on your definition). We're big fans, but we do think it turned out well that she's dating someone who tells bad jokes, wears a fedora and is often seen sporting a polka-dotted handkerchief. We're bigger fans of Skeeter, though we found out in the post about the 2010 Mustang test drive disaster there's something wrong with him — assuming Otto-Mann is thinking of the same Skeeter.

This is one of those annoying stories that will feed the resolve of the anti-seatbelt people you always meet for another decade. You know the ones, they always have a convenient story like how "my uncle's friend Skeeter got thrown out of his Bronco at 60 miles 'un hour and all he damaged was his spine bone but his cousin Merle and his smellhound Snooch were buckled up and they died when the cargo of beer cases and Sudafed tablets broke loose."

Not that there's anything wrong with that, the seatbelt is totally your choice, but come on, at least do a little research.


And it's true, 4/5 girls prefer Fozzie Bear. Wokka Wokka Wokka!

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C³ - Cool Cadillac Cat


I have to admit, there is a similar logic behind "laying a bike down" instead of using the superior power-to-weight ratio, narrow width, and agility to actually avoid the problem, if possible, in the first place.

Wait, they typically ride cruisers...never mind.

We'll not discuss riding properly suited/booted/gloved/helmeted versus flip-flops, shorts, and helmetless...yet there is a helmet on the helmet lock, matching the bike, of course.