Commenter of the Day: Foreigner 4 Edition

Kudos galore to the Jalop commentariat for checking out the A.N.U.S. post and, about three minutes into the video, identifying Foreigner's 1981 hit "Jukebox Hero" in the background of some serious one-wheeled, big-engined, un-helmeted happy hoggin' hoonage. We had to pick one to be our COTD—but there were sure plenty to pick from. Anon!


We're gonna go with Miscellanea, mainly for the creation of a numerical scale that echoed Loverman's now-legendary How Jalopnik Is Your Car? post:

So many great things about this video:

Visible Beer consumption +10
No helmets +15
Multitude of high speed wipeouts +20
Originality +30
Hoontastic spirit of participants +20
A.N.U.S. +50
Freakin' drag racing unicycles! +Infiniti

Here's to guy running with the header dumping exhaust directly into his face. (Cracks and pours a natty ice)

But there was definitely some honorable-mention action. From Tomanderson (giving due props to "Sidecar Willy," a great A.N.U.S.):

If Evel Knievel is the Lord and Savior of Hoonage, can Sidecar Willy be one of the Apostles?


And this, from muhnkee_2:

there appears to be only about five people competing in this 'sport' i say it should be in the next olympics


Better than curling, if you ask us.

And of course Beta.Rogan, who brought the whole '80s rock anthem thing to light and also dealt praise to Sidecar Willy:

Man oh man. The fact that Sidecar Willy and his crew timed a launch of his beast along with the lyric "Like a distant scream" from Foreigner's Juke Box Hero is just too much. (about 3:05 into the clip)From now on all insane back-woods motorsports should be set to Foreigner.


And unevolved, who produced quiet humor:

I'm honestly surprised I didn't see any small-block V8s.

And Polar, who turned the A.N.U.S. rules up to 11:

11. Thou shalt do it whilst naked.

A very special day for the commenters, flowing from a very special post.

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