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The Ford Mustang Severe Service Package, later changed to Special Service Package, is one of our favorite variations of the much-varied pony car. Built between 1982 and 1983, approximately 15,000 specially-equipped Mustangs found their way into the hands of various law enforcement agencies. Built on a stock Mustang LX platform (not the hatchback), the 5.0-liter engine was upgraded to withstand the rigors of the job, including an engine oil cooler, forged pistons, forged pistons, heavy duty stabilizer bars, reinforced floor pans and often an automatic transmission. The Texas Department of Public Safety was one of the largest consumers of the vehicle for highway patrol duty, so we'd often see one perched on the side of the road during long trims. It made us long to wear the boots and hat of the Dr. Pepper Squad. We even prefer it to the rendered 2010 Chevy Camaro Police Car, which is something we're not sure resident Jalopnik police officer ViperBorg would agree with.


@Flathead Smith: Okay, I'll just get out and walk to that robbery at your house while the gang that's in there is kicking the everliving shit out of you and your family. Is that slow enough for you?

People always talk crap about the police, and other emergency services, but when it comes to when they have to rely on them, my, how quickly they shut up.

Thank God I don't do my job for people like you. You, sir, disgust me.

This, of course, was in response to this:

I think police should only be allowed to drive vehicles that are slower than everything else on the road. So I say I don't like it.


We think Flathead Smith was joking, but like the idea of quick cop cars, if only so we can buy them after they're done with their basic service.

[Photo: Mustang Monthly]

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