Commenter of the Day: False Identity Edition

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With Matt DeBord out today doing secret stuff ( driving the new Pontiac G8 GT), I've been asked to step into the breech and award today's commenter prize. So let's begin, shall we? By no means do we try to emulate our Gawker Media brethren over at Wonkette, but sometimes we have to get involved in politics, especially when our fearless leader decides to comment on the current state of gas prices. This would be one of those times.


Today's comment of the day comes by way of firepwr, who decided to tell it like it is and provide a very unique but accurate take on George "Dubya" Bush and his take (or seeming lack thereof) on gas prices and the whole oil hubbub.

You know, sometimes, you get into a relationship with someone that lies about where shes been, or what she does during the day, or why she can't find the money you gave her...and at some point, you know she lying, and you know shes a bitch, and you know that its a bad situation, but you just can't drop it.

You can't drop it because you both signed the lease, or because you have a shared bank account, or maybe because you are driving her dad's spare truck while you wait on the new turbo and manifold to come in.Whatever it is, even though you know you'd be better off, it's just not a good time, and you can't do anything to speed it up.

So there you are, sitting on the couch, listening to her inconceivable bullshit rants...and just hoping that, for the next 6 months, that she will learn to bullshit convincingly so that, even though you know it, you can pretend that dating her wasn't the worst fucking decision you ever made


I know I'm supposed to be all unbiased and full of journalistic neutrality on these type of topics, but screw it — well said firepwr.

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Rob Emslie

Truer words were never spoken. The only thing worse is coming to this realization about your conjoined twin.