When you're flying, and someone says they're out of coach seats but they have an "envoy" seat, agree to take it. One of our friends was stuck in Paris an extra night on her commute back to the States and was trying to get onto a flight when they said they'd be able to give her such a seat at no extra cost. Others, confused by what this meant, hesitated. She agreed. Little did she know this meant she'd get that airline's equivalent of first class. There's no class below coach on most flights. There's no steerage. If offered another seat on a plane and the words "luggage" or "parachute" aren't involved say yes. Similarly, when renting a car, the Lawbot would advise you to say "yes!"

Went on vacation to San Diego a couple of weeks ago and had reserved a new Mazda 6. The wife gets to the counter, and asks the guy if he has any convertibles, we'd like to upgrade. Guy says, not only do we have convertibles, we have a Shelby GT-H convertible that I can let you have for the same price as the Mazda. Took my wife all of 2 seconds to say SOLD!

That's why I married her. And so my vote is for the new Mustang GT-H, which is absolutely still rent-able.


I'll drive what she's driving.

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