Commenter Of The Day: Cop Rock Edition

Created by 80s über-creator Steven Bochco, the television show Cop Rock is the weird outlier among his successful crime/lawyer serials like NYPD Blue and LA Law. Similar to his other show, Hill Street Blue, the series Cop Rock followed the criminal justice system from the street level. But there was a twist! As the name suggests, this was a musical. A musical about cops. It was awful. You can't walk the line between the gritty realism of the street and the inherently farcical nature of a musical. You can't combine Scrubs and The Wire. A cop show musical... even the description is scary. Much like FordTempoFanatic's F350.

I shed a tear every time I start that naturally aspirated diesel 460 V8 in the old F-350. Its a chassis cab truck with a custom wooden bed and a welded on 125 gallon diesel tank.

They say it is fueled by pain and suffering, and Toyota hybrids. It was created in the late 1880s by an ignorant mayer in Hoover Alabama. Manufactured from brutally murdered trees and kittens, it was a factory of pollution and hate the likes of which the world (not even Britain) had ever seen. In the late 1960s it was banned in 49 contiguous states. After a brief stint in Canada (ever wonder why there are so few people in British Columbia and the Yukon?), it made its home on the beaches of Alaska where it screams into life twice a week, between June and September. Every time it is fired up a glacier melts, a rain forest explodes, and a kitten cries a tear simultaneously.


We're creeped out, but in a good way.

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