Commenter Of The Day: Cooter Edition

Ben Jones is a bit of a carpetbagger. He was born in North Carolina and moved to to Georgia where he began his campaign as a Democrat, first losing to and then defeating Representative Pat Swindall. After losing his seat in 1992, Jones went on to try and run against a pre-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich but was spanked. A few years later Jones went on to run against Eric Cantor, also losing. Coincidentally, both Gingrich and Cantor moved into higher leadership positions in Congress after defeating Jones. Maybe this has something to do with proving their political prowess by besting the man who played Cooter, the crazy mechanic on The Dukes Of Hazzard. A reader was nice enough to provide us with a photo of this out-of-place Challenger and Scroggs was emotionally stable enough to explain how, like Jones himself, the car was out of place.

(still emotionally overwrought/vaguely psychotic at site of Mercedes junkyard)...YOU THERE, WITH THE MULLET!!....TWO THINGS...ONE..(wipes fresh Mercedes tears from his eyes)....THE DUKES DROVE A CHARGER....TWO (punches ignoramus in adam's apple)....MICHIGAN fought with THE UNION, JACKASS!!...(turns, storms away muttering about Obama's educational reforms/need to put foot up someone's ass)


To Cooter's credit, his museum looks to be quite complete and educational. [Photo: CootersPlace]

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