Commenter Of The Day: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Edition

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Hey everybody, what's the hap? Anything new in your neck of the woods? Oh us? Oh, we're just fine! Having to pull a few midnight shifts and ask our mothers if they wouldn't mind changing their maiden names to avoid getting their identity used to release WikiLeaks cables, but otherwise great! And you? What's that? Wasn't this one of the worst days to launch a continuing reign over the commenter of the day prize? Well, yes and no. Yes, things weren't great today. And no, reading great comments from thoughtful commenters never gets old, like when CorporateOppressor shared his story of a random attack and its revenge:

Storytime with corporateoppressor again:

I was living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1991 when the first Gulf War broke out - my dad was an engineer on contract there and I was going to the local international school. After a while the air raid sirens went off all the time and no one gave a shit, they went out to shop even though the odd Scud would land in Riyadh and take out a building or two.

There was ONE ice-skating rink in the entire city, located in a shopping center called FAL. Every Thursday morning (days off in Saudi Arabia were Thursday and Friday, not Sat/Sun) a bunch of Canadian and American expats would get together and had a hockey league going. Hockey was their life.

One day a scud missile went WAAAAY off fucking target and went throught the FAL shopping center and hit center ice. The entire rink was reduced to rubble and the streets were littered with chunks of ice. When the weekend warriors showed up to play, the local news caught them standing in the middle of the street in total disbelief. Some looked like kids just robbed of Christmas, others went into a blind rage and were overtly threatening Saddam on air.

About a month later, I remember seeing some American Air Force personnel on the news prepping some bombs for a sortie. They used to scribble personal messages on them with chalk, like "Fuck Saddam" and "Merry Xmas Faggot!" One guy, clear as day, was writing "This one's for FAL. Don't FUCK with the Oilers." Laughed my balls off that day.



Congratulations, Mr. Oppressor, on today's COTD! I would like to gift you with a red Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chevrolet Camaro. This lovely lady will bring it to you next week. Her name is Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry. Great story, Sir!