Commenter Of The Day: Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Edition

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We love a good turkey, though we admit the Thanksgiving Day custom is a bit of a shame since the Turkey isn't the most flavorful poultry meat. And after preparing almost an entire Thanksgiving meal ourselves (never brine in a bag, trust us) we're sort of done with the whole process. Part of us wishes that, at the time, we'd have called the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, which is open in November and December to help would-be TDay heroes. Seriously, the line employs over 50 trained, college-educated "home economists" and nutritionists to answer questions. Want to know how often to baste, or what to do for international students? Call 1-800-BUTTERBALL. This is immortalized in an episode of The West Wing when President Bartlett calls it for stuffing advice. We admit driving in Manhattan can be daunting, but dolo54 is the Turkey Talk-Line of motoring in the big apple.

@YankBoffin: I can give you some pointers:

1. Don't drive during rush hour if at all possible. That's 8am-10am and 3:30pm-6:30pm

2. Don't drive through midtown during daylight EVER. 7am-7pm it is faster to walk. Not an exaggeration, literally faster. Midtown is everywhere from 33rd street up through 86th street.

3. On the east side, the FDR is the fastest way uptown and downtown. If there is a big accident and it's stopped (you will see all the cars backed up), 1st avenue is the fastest way uptown. If you're going downtown and it gets backed up, just stay on it, there is no way to get downtown faster.

4. On the west side, west side highway is good, so is 9th and 10th avenues. (avenues are mostly 1-way, north or south)

5. Cheap parking can be found on east and west sides of Manhattan. Look for garages on 1st and 2nd ave. and 9th and 10th ave. You can park for less than $20 a day on 10th ave.

6. Read the parking signs VERY CAREFULLY, especially at night. If a sign says no parking Wednesday 12am-1am, that means that if you park your car Tuesday night at 11:30pm, it will be towed when you get back.

Don't get a hotel in Midtown. You don't want to be there with a car in the daytime.

Research parking in advance. You can look up a lot of garages with rates online.

And yet Siler gets all of the fast cars.

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Sir Lurkalot

Thanks, I actually miss driving in NYC. Maybe I'm sick in the head. I'm near LA now, can't stand driving in LA, well can't stand driving on the 5 to get there that is.

Typical drive on the 5 "why is there all this traffic backed up?" "oh, everybody's slowing down to watch that guy change his flat tire..."