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One of the most compelling characters on the HBO super-series The Wire was Bubbles, an informant always in the grips of his addiction yet always somehow charming. More than just act the part, the actor who plays Bubbles looks like a strung-out junkie. His appearance in the show is so touchingly dramatic an actual junkie handed the actor some of his crack saying "you need this more than I do." The show itself is too nihilistic to be about redemption, but in any story of the human condition it features prominently and there's no one you root for more to find it than Bubbles. When the Big Benz returned to Forza voting, commenter Kuang felt the same tinge of hope all viewers have for Bubbles.


And lo, the fading rays of a disillusioned sun once more broke through the clouds as the mighty 6.3 loomed over the kingdom of the Jalops, and they raised their oily paws to the heavens (inclining slighty towards Stuttgart) to give thanks for the blessing of the dry sumped V8 with its mighty valves of sodium.

Upon examining the holy engine bay the most Prius of all the children of the earth fell back in fear, for none could detect space around that cast iron lump of magnificence. But the tribe of the Jalops nodded in quiet contemplation and saw that it was good.

And as the beast rumbled into the sunset, those assembled understood that they had been witness to genesis, that all who would follow and wished to transport two extra doors at gigantic speed must turn to history and follow the three pointed star.


Benzes are like crack.

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