Commenter Of The Day: Boomer Sooner Edition

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Anyone who has ever attended or watched a University of Oklahoma sporting event is familiar with the school's fight song, Boomer Sooner. One can't help but wonder if the school's marching and pep bands even bothered learning any other songs, as they seem to strike up the catchy melody every 10-15 seconds during games. While the song gets annoying after the first few renditions and lends itself to easy jokes about the mental abilities of Oklahoma fans, it has a surprisingly genteel history. It was originally written as "Boola Boola" in 1900 by Yale graduate Allan M. Hirsh and quickly became the fight song of the Ivy League institution. In 1905 it was adopted by Oklahoma, and since the fortunes of Oklahoma football have fared somewhat better than those of Yale over the past 100 years, it is now associated much more with the Sooners than with the Bulldogs and its blue-blood origins have been mostly forgotten by all but the most obsessed college sports fans and the elderly. Speaking of the elderly, many jokes at their expense were made today by the Jalopnik commentariat on this morning's reveal of the all-new 2010 Buick LaCrosse, the best of which was nosirrahg's analysis of the LaCrosse's all-wheel-drive capabilities:

That will come in handy for many current Buick wheel on the pavement, one on the grass, one on the sidewalk, and one on the floor of the deli they just drove into.


Looks like Buick's makeover still has quite a ways to go.

PS: Boomer Sooner! If any St. Louis-based Jalopiteers have any suggestions on where to watch the game downtown near Union Station, post them in the comments.


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Jeff Glucker

Nicely don-e... I think you should apply for the job of Editor In Chief at Car and Driver or maybe at the local Planet—arium...