Commenter of the Day: Back to School Edition

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There must be something in the air that's given the otherwise sparkling clean minds of our commenters a slightly more prurient bent. What could possibly explain the suggestion of ménage à trois in multiple posts today? Either way, there was a lot of action in the Beer Poll worthy of nomination (which reminds us to remind you about Open Container Laws), but only one reached the mixture of high school nostalgia, sexual deviance and alcoholism worthy of Dazed and Confused and our day's affection.

We hope that LT1 has gotten out of his parent's garage by now, so he can share this gem with unrelated loved ones:

Lowenbrau all the way. When your blipping the throttle out front of the High School just to piss off Principal Edwards (who threw you out of the same school five years ago after he found a lid of grass in your locker while you were at PE) as you wait for Cherry and Abigail to come out, you need a beer that lets the ladies know that you're sophisticated, but also just bad enough to give not one, but both those girls the love piledriver to the sweet sounds of Robin Trower's "Bridge of Sighs".


Take that Principal Edwards!

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I lived that god damn movie. I was stunned the first time I saw it. I wasn't one of the cool guys though. Kind of a cross between the long haired stoner guy (Ron?) and the guy that got his ass kicked (I think that was Mike).

I listened to alternative music, had long hair, and didn't really fit in anywhere. So by default, you become a stoner.