People are always confusing assonance, alliteration and consonance because of the similarities between the three. For the record, alliteration is when the first consonants of a sentence, lyric or headline are the same. For example: Wes Wrecks Werts Winnebago. Consonance is when the consonant is repeated anywhere within a series of words. For example: Murille Thinks He Drank From That Rank Sink. The more complex, and easily confused, device is assonance. This is the repeating of a similar vowel sound. For example: Ben Smiles While I Write Infantile Bile. These sentences often combine these different styles, just like one company wants to combine $7,000 key fobs with ridiculously rich owners. If we worked on Fleet Street in the 20s, we'd use Alfisted's COTD.

"Fob costs a gob, makes rich slob knobs throb."

That's definitely using your ass...onance.

Photo Credit: MaikoPunk