Commenter Of The Day: A Fish, A Barrel And A Smoking Gun Edition

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It's been 15 years since those of us downloading the web via NCSA Mosaic over 54k connections had somewhere interesting to point every day: Much of what passes for style in these parts and elsewhere - linking to other stories within text, "ironic" tone - happened first at Suck in its center-aligned columns. Like many pioneers, Suck was hailed, then slowly supplanted and tossed aside. It's now preserved in an amber of electrons on a server somewhere, where the people who now make a living writing on the web can grab it from 33,897 feet aboard a Virgin America plane and relive their lost youth. Commenter m.m. shaefer says the same kind of revival awaits the Model A thrashed in a collision with a pizza delivery man :

I currently have a 1931 Model A Cabriolet, 68-C (in case that last bit means anything to you). For two years it was my daily driver, and for the five years before that it was my dad's daily driver. By "daily" I mean that literally - everywhere, night or day, rain or shine, for seven years. From that experience I learned that there is something truly transcendent about driving such a machine whose parts were manufactured and assembled more than 50 years before I was even born. Every mile is a reminder that we indeed have a responsibility to those that come behind us - a responsibility to care for the things that are important and valuable. As the car has essentially been passed to me from my dad, I see it as a metaphor for guarding a legacy. And trust me, for those with the privilege to have such a treasure passed down, this is no exaggeration. I hope my legacy is more than a car, but I am more than happy to have that serve as the proxy.

As for the Model A here, please please restore it. I have seen plenty of rebuilds, and from the sound of it this owner is no stranger. There are parts galore if you look hard enough, and this one sounds like it is more than worthy.

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Congratulations, Mr. schaefer, on today's COTD! I would like to award you with a vintage Ford (my guess is 1934). It will be delivered by this lovely lady with the fur trim soon.