Comment Of The Day: Worry About Your Worrying Edition

The new Volvo S90 and its wagon twin are so damn good you need to check them out whether or not you’re bored of German metal. Saying you’d still go with a BMW because of worries over Volvo’s reliability and resale value is sort of a silly thing to worry about.

User Margin Of Error made a good point, as he often does, in putting Volvo in its place. Not only are they equal with the Germans in terms of building a good luxury car and wagon combo, but they’re pretty matched in terms of reliability.


But since the playing field is so level in so many categories, pointing to something that’s pretty matched isn’t worth worrying over, as noted by SlabSheetrock:

It’s a pretty good nitpicking, though it is a loose assessment of Margin’s argument. The GIF bumped it up a few points.

Congrats on your COTD win SlabSheetrock. If you’re gonna take a chance on a luxury car, Volvo would like to channel the Swedish band ABBA to convince you to take a chance on it.

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