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Today we confronted a political attack ad making some bizarre claims about Volkswagen’s apparent attempt to “dump cheap German cars” on the American market. Seeing as how nobody will sell me a goddamn Up! GTI, I think we can all call B.S. on this one. But it begs the question—what even is an American car these days?


One of the only three remaining American muscle cars is made in Canada. Another one, until recently, had some guts we can largely thank the Australians for. Most cars have components from all over the world. And some companies, like Honda and Nissan, have manufacturing plants and offices big enough that they may as well be American cars.

How do you determine that? What does anything even mean anymore? This reader sums up our confusion:

Perhaps nothing matters, and we should just have fun in the cars because we’ll all be dead eventually. I’m OK with that!

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