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Is the Hummer actually the answer to every question?

No. Of course not. But on Doug’s post about people’s reactions to his Hummer, reader IDriveEveryDay posted this beautiful explanation of the Hummer’s appeal:

Doug, people don’t hate the Hummer. The H1 represents so much to Americans, to dreamers, to anyone who had a good and imaginative childhood.

You see, the hummer was the “what if” of the Hasbro generation. “What if “you could take a legendary military machine, a machine that was built out of the crazy ideas of generals, and the cunning minds of engineers, and give it to the common man. Tame it enough so those who relented to desk jobs and picking kids up from school could reasonably say “This makes sense! (??)“

The Hummer isn’t about excess as some tight wad uppity dandy might claim, rather, it is what would be if we lived in a world of limitless resources and where all people still hold on to that 9 year old desire to be a hero, to be larger than life, to be able to accomplish anything regardless of the obstacles.

Doug, the Hummer represents the dreams of life.

Excess. Glorious, glorious excess.

Congrats on your COTD win, IDriveEveryDay! May nothing, not even Earth’s finite natural resources, let you stand between you and your dreams!

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