Comment of the Day: Tesla Vs Bro-Trucks Edition

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Earlier today Jason posted about some Truck People who blocked Tesla chargers with their Big Trucks. One of you had a simple way to found out what’s what.


Vracktal is correct! A Model X could quite likely tow one or a few of these Bro-Trucks, given the torque Teslas can generate. I’d love to see that happen too (legally, off a public road, with all parties agreeing to the challenge). I think more than a few truck owners would be pleasantly surprised.

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I’m sure the Tesla could tow the F-150, or for that matter the -250, if the truck were in neutral and stuck in the mud or snow. But could it on dry pavement with the truck in park? Wouldn’t the weight and friction defeat the electric future?

Honestly curious- I’ve towed and been towed out of some bad spots, but somehow it always seemed like just pulling a locked wheeled vehicle on an unslick surface would be a lot more difficult.