Comment Of The Day: Take It To Moab Edition

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Samsung’s selfie-transmitting “satellite” that fell to the ground in rural Michigan is really damn lucky that it landed where it did and not David’s backyard. If it had touched down in the land of Jeep heaps, it might have found itself as part of David’s 2020 Moab overlander project. That’s a far sight better use for these materials than a selfie-transmitting “satellite” anyway.


Those solar panels would be great for running a morning coffeepot, or charging a bloggin’ computer. Or to charge the battery when the alternator fails again. The heat wrap could definitely be repurposed to keep exhaust heat out of the poorly sealed cabin. There’s definitely some good rust-patchin’ metal on that chassis. Oh yeah, lots of good salvage here. Oh, and the parachute could be turned into a canvas roof for an old Willys. I like where this is going!

Thanks for today’s brilliant suggestion, For Sweden. I’ll fly to Michigan, Ocean’s Eleven this monster of Jeep parts out of wherever Samsung has hidden it, and David and I can get started wrenching on next year’s project. For pushing this train of thought out of the station, you win today’s COTD crown. Wear it proudly.

And now, for the song that has been running through my head all day, here’s Jawbreaker.

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For Sweden

I want to take this opportunity to both thank Mr. Brownell for the honor and ask the G/O brass to listen to their writers.