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New-to-the-block supercar automaker Rimac is changing the game with its new all-electric 1,088 hp Concept One it debuted at Geneva. Rimac is also changing lives in a less flashy manner with its battery technology.

Today’s COTD win goes to PedalHead, who commented with a touching video about how Rimac “pimped” an electric wheelchair to extend its range and make life just that much easier for those who rely on such methods of getting around:

Wow. I really dig these guys. Check out their wheelchair mod, it is the best edition of “Pimp My Ride” ever! Seriously, 60km range on a powerchair?!?! That’s amazing, and potentially life-changing. Bravo, guys!

It’s a touching story, and it’s cool that the same technology that can power insane track machines can also genuinely change someone’s life for the better.


Thanks for sharing, PedalHead!