Comment Of The Day: Shiro Nakamura Has Some Cool-Ass Cars Edition

Nissan design chief Shiro Nakamura gave us a really good Q&A today, and he made for a fascinating interview using your questions.

He struck me as one of those film directors who doesn’t like to revisit their old work—people can ask him about the 510 or old Zs and Skylines, but he’s intensely focused on the future. And while he may be inspired by the past, he said he only cares about what’s coming next.


But when it comes to the drive, he knows what’s up:

I have a GT-R, and also a Q50. And a Cube, my wife drives that.

I have two classic Nissans: a 1965 Silvia, and a Z 432. It’s a fantastic car. I love driving cars.

That’s what I would do if I were a car executive: raid the vault.

One missed opportunity I’m kicking myself over now: I should have asked him how he felt about BLACK GOLD coming back.

Photo credit RM Auction

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