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There’s a theory, out there in the wilds of the world, that Ferrari’s Formula One team does well when it makes crap road cars, and vice versa. But if the inverse is also true, does it apply to other companies besides Ferrari?

I was sad to see that the McLaren P1 is officially going out of production today. It’s an absolutely fantastic car, and it belongs in the pantheon of greats. This year’s McLaren Honda Formula One team on the other hand, well, doesn’t. At one point, it racked up a 105-place grid penalty, and for those who are counting at home, F1 races don’t even include 105 vehicles, even if you include the safety cars.

But with the P1 driving off into the eternal sunset, F1ramos thinks there may be hope:

Ouch. Maybe we can ship a bottle of ointment to Woking for that burn. Though maybe won’t even need it for next year, while they simultaneously develop an inevitable (and hopefully worthy) successor to the P1.


Congratulations on your Comment of the Day win, F1ramos. May you forever experience the joy of simultaneously successful road- and race car programs.

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