Comment Of The DayYour good comments.  

Left, right; up, down—it doesn’t matter how you reverse as long as your manual wagon is brown. Unless you’re Teh Penguin of Doom, troll-post extraordinaire.

Previously on Jalopnik: an editor humble bragged about purchasing an elitist-class manual BMW E30, framing his gluttonous smarm in a post about the “correct” location for a reverse gear—as if such a thing could be so defined.

Well, Jalopnik is known for being Fair & Balanced, and commenter Teh Penguin of Doom cut down that privileged manual crap real, real quick:

I’m not sure what is worse—manual elitism or automatic showboating. Look at you, with your other leg just sitting there, dead weight, slowing you down. Says a internet person named for a bird that doesn’t even fly.


Whatever, good comment. Congrats. People starred it, and we all laughed at you. Have fun having to hold your significant other’s hand EVERY TIME you drive.

Ha ha ha.